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Witness to history

From WW2 D-DAY to Canadian skies
You can contribute to save and preserve an historical aircraft, world war two veteran and pionneer of Canadian airline development.

We estimate between $65 000 and $70 000 the total cost to bring her airworthy. 
All donations will be use solely to support our operations and to acquire aircraft parts and tools required to achieve our project.



To his Majesty's service

Our DC-3 started her career as a Dakota III with the Royal Air Force.  Discover her unique history during her service's years, from Normandy to German skyes. We are looking for any documents related to our aircraft, women and men who fled on board during the second world war. Lest we forget. 

January - May 1944

From USA to UK

June 6th 1944 - D-DAY

The landings

July - August 44

The battle of Normandy

September 1944

A bridge too far

Octobre 44 - Mai 45

Path to victory

Lest we forget

To keep their memory alive
Help us to restore the DC-3 c/n 12253 -

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